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.021 by MishiruMinami
jfc what is deviantArt when you have tumblr???
I'm so sorry, dear watchers, I'm still alive and read messages and shit, I just forget to upload my shit in here!
So sorry!
But, FrostIron! Again! I swear to God I draw more than that! I just hadn't taken a picture and submitted... I've been drawing Star Trek, my Naruto OCs, Eren and Levi, I even drawn Ciel from Kuroshitsuji! 
I might show it all one day...
But now, here's an old Artrade I did with a wonderful artist on Tumblr! (I think she has a deviantArt, but I'm too lazy to go search for it... eheh)
.020 by MishiruMinami
"I'm sorry, Lokes... I'm..."

What Am I Doing?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I did this in September, why haven't I been uploading this, I mean ???
But, yeah, I'm still into the FrostIron fever, and also..... Spirk, yeah, I've been drawing that too.
I miss drawing my Levi and my Eren and my OC's n'shit
Also, Tony, where's your helmet? See what happens when you don't wear you helmet??

I don't have time to draw like this anymore, I mean, paint and all, I don't even know what a color pencil is anymore ;n;
It's sad...
Just like this drawing and I mean, background? What's that???
DeviantArt changed. Gosh, how long have I been gone?
.019 by MishiruMinami
A FrostIron I did to welcome my new followers on tumblr! 
I'm really sorry that I'm more active there, though I'm not active anywhere anymore because of school.
I'm going to submit some art I have on my tumblr (FrostIron) and others that I don't have anywhere else (like SnK Fanart and etc...)

Thank you for checking this artwork and for still being around even though the circumstances. 
I aprecciate a lot!
Follow me on Tumblr!: unfortunately-midgardian there's porn 
.018 by MishiruMinami
FrostIron AU!Pirate/Mermaid

Pirate Loki and Merman Tony because why not... 
The ship is a totally random one that I made out of pure randomness... I didn't have any references and stuff, sorry...
I hope you like the special details like Loki's hat (from AoA) and Tony's shell.... (also Loki's flag)

This is kinda old, normally I post more on Tumblr now, so... if you're not afraid of FrostIron porn go check it out! 
Unfortunately-Midgardian . tumblr . etc...


Ma name is...
Name: Mishiru Minami
Age: 16 years Old
Language: Portuguese
Country: Portugal
HI! I hope you like my drawings! I can be really shy, but if you want to chat and be my friend, don't be afraid!

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